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Dr. Hannah Bryers, anthropology professor and forensics expert at the prestigious Mad River University, takes pleasure in examining corpses, but small talk and living people fill her with dread. When she’s not teaching, she analyzes the decomposing flesh of murder victims around the globe.


Winter Jones is Hannah’s most promising graduate student. She’s smart, cunning, and dedicated, but she’s got her own agenda for coming to Mad River: to bring Hannah Bryers down. She’ll stop at nothing to make her life implode.


In alternating narratives, Winter systematically robs Hannah of the things she values most: her reputation, her job, and—ultimately—her safety. When dangerous mistakes are made in her lab, Hannah has no idea who would have it out for her and would be willing to risk students’ lives. As the incidents become deadly, many suspects come to light. Hannah won’t go down without a fight. She has to figure out who is sabotaging her career and killing people—her life depends on finding answers.

[An] exhilarating, atmospheric thriller exploring the darker side of friendship...dazzling prose and an eerily beautiful setting."
Megan Collins, author of The Winter Sister


Gehrman's writing is crisp, her observations astute, and her story utterly absorbing and affecting. 



A pulse-pounding won’t  be be able to set it down.

Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke, authors of The Two Lila Bennetts 


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